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Collins is a family run business based in Nottingham with over 100,000 sqft of warehousing containing over 15,000 lines in either branded and unbranded products, new lines and clearance lines and in-house delivery systems. We have the size the stock and the logistics to meet your needs, either from our Wholesale website or Ebay Shop


With over 50 years of experience within the wholesale sector we realise the importance of long term relationships and trust, as such we do not operate with a sell only mentality. Instead, by evaluating your needs, we will be able to find what products we can provide to fulfil your requirements to achieve mutual success over the long term. To create this buyer-seller environment, we have adhered to uphold an exemplary customer service with companies such as Silentnight, PMS International and Bonington Plastics, all of which would be happy to confirm this.

As a large operation we specialise in buying in bulk, importing, and finding clearance deals that others cannot. In this way we often can sell the same items to our account customers for cheaper than the manufacturer. Not to mention, we offer these products by the piece/carton, ensuring you do not have to buy 10 years supply.

Please contact us by phone: 0115 900 8900 or email: info@collinscashandcarry.co.uk

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