Wholesale Business Customers
For Wholesale Customers from around the U.K. please click here to see out terms and conditions and what we can offer you to help grow your business.

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Wholesale News:

Check out the latest novelty bedding deals for our wholesale customers. We help you boost your business!

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From January 2017 we have a stock list of available character bedding and football bedding online for our business customers and those who are interested in becoming a business customer.

So have a look at the wide range we can offer you to support your business.

Go to: Stock list character bedding.

Go to: Stock list football bedding

You also can find a list of Silentnight bedding, including duvets, pillows and mattress protectors that our wholesale customers can order from us.

Go to: Silentnight bedding list

Cash & Carry Customers
For local businesses and customers interested in becoming a member of Collins Cash and Carry please click here.

Please contact our sales office for any inquiries.
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Cash & Carry news:

Check out the latest weekly deals for our Cash & Carry customers.

Feel The Heat collins cash and carry weekly offers smallFind more bargains in Collins Cash and Carry store.

Collins Cash & Carry:

Originally started over 50 years ago by Frank Collins with nothing more than 1 market stand in Nottingham, we have evolved to become a market leader in the wholesale industry, with a product range of over 15,000  in household goods, textiles, gardening, clothing, fireworks, furniture and much more. Despite Collins Cash and Carry now having a national reach we are still family run and a local pillar in the Nottingham Business Community.

Based in an over 100,000 sqft Cash and Carry site in Nottingham we supply all manner of businesses across the U.K., from small local business customers through the instore Cash and Carry itself, all the way to the largest multinational firms with hundreds of stores through our lorry delivery services.

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