Clearance Calculators For Wholesale

Here at Collins we are always looking out for great deals in wholesale clearance stock, in everything from bedding to toys, if there is a bargain for our wholesale customers we make sure we bring it to them. This week we have had an arrival of large quantities of New Boxed and Manufacturer Sealed Scientific Busicom Calculators. Measuring 14cm x 6.5cm x 2cm when boxed, this small handy calculator can advantageously for any online retail / Ebay / Amazon wholesale customers of ours be posted as a large letter saving you on your postage costs. Battery Included.

Calculator 1.         5030613020558

calculator wholesale1

Calculator 2.          5030613020206

calculator wholesale 2




With a Special Quantity Price of £7.20 per Dozen for our Business customers


If you are one of our Cash and Carry Customers you can pick these handy calculators up for £1 each.

For more information contact our sales team:

Collins Cash and Carry:
Ascot Road, Bobbersmill,
Nottingham,NG8 5HD
Tel: 0115 900 8900
Fax: 0115 942 5405

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