Bestway – Solar Pool Cover – 14ft


  • This is a Pool Cover.
  • Cover floats on water surface to provide heat insulation
  • Prevents dirt and debris accumulating in your pool
  • Filter out dirt and grime from your spa water

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Bestway 14 feet Steel Pro Frame Pool Solar Cover provides a 14 feet Steel Pro Pool with heat insulation whilst preventing beetles, leaves and debris from building up inside it. The solar swimming pool cover is laid out on the water’s surface whenever you’re not using your pool. It’s made from a durable material that looks strikingly similar to bubble wrap. These air bubbles absorb solar energy and use it to warm pool water. The solar cover’s insulating properties also store heat and restrict temperature loss. By reducing evaporation it can save cash on topping up water. By blocking debris it can also save money on cleaning and maintenance. Bestway 14 feet Steel Pro Frame Solar Pool Cover is an absolute essential owners of a 14 feet Steel Pro Frame Pool. It can even provide insulation when the sunny season has ended. Warning: Not a safety cover. Adult supervision recommended at all times when children are around pools.

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