Fantasy Hamster Cage


  • Bright and colourful, this Fantasy iMac cage for animals.

Ideal for any small animal.

Dimensions: 58cm x 38cm x 38cm.

Important note: Colours may vary.

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Imac Fantasy Hamster/Gerbil Cage

Let your children free their imagination with this wonderful small animal cage. Dedicated to children so that they can have fun and at the same time learn to take care of their hamster friend. Perfect for hosting these small rodents, FANTASY has a structure in painted wire mesh, a bottom, a shelf and a roof in shaped transparent plastic with ventilation holes, a removable plug for daily maintenance and an internal house for your moments of relaxation. little hamster. Complete with all the essential accessories to create the perfect habitat: plastic house and bowl, wheel and tunnel. Thanks to the FANTASY KIT the fun is multiplied, your cage becomes a skyscraper and with the convenient side clip hooks you can build your cage and then easily separate it for a thorough cleaning or for normal maintenance operations. FANTASY is the basic cage, KIT makes it grow piece by piece and transforms it into a world to be discovered 58 x 38 x 38.5cm

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